We hope you enjoy this informational source on the Steinway Piano Model A. Please visit the pages on this site about the Steinway Model A, the evolution of the Steinway Model A, and why you should consider the Steinway Model A.

After learning about the Model A, one of the finest Steinway Baby Grand Pianos, you may want one of these for your performance space, institution or home.

About Model A

The Steinway Model A is considered by many to be the best piano ever designed and produced by Steinway and used Steinway Model A pianos are sought after by many professional pianists and collectors.

The Steinway Model A is the smallest concert size grand piano available and is ideal for those looking for a Steinway baby grand piano that will give a concert quality sound at a reduced size. The soundboard of the Steinway Model A is 6’ 2”, allowing for a deep base. The Steinway Model A fits neatly between the slightly smaller Steinway Model M and the slightly larger Steinway Model B. The Steinway Model A is probably the only one of the concert Steinway pianos suitable for home use but that of course depends on the size of your home and the space where the Steinway will be played. You should consult Park Avenue Pianos, a top Steinway piano store, about which Steinway models might be right for you and your space.

The Steinway Model M is 6’ 2” long and weighs approximately 695 pounds. There is a slight variety in size amongst Steinway Model As so please visit the Model A evolution page on this site for more information. The Steinway Model A is available in a variety of nice finishes- mahogany, dark cherry, walnut, rosewood and ebony -to match the décor of your home or performance space.

Evolution of model A

The Steinway Model A has been redesigned over the years with each Model A offering improvements on the prior version.

The Steinway Model A round tail was the first Steinway Model A piano and went into production in 1878. The first Steinway Model A has three bridges but this bridge design proved to have some issues and resulted in the Steinway Model A square tail which went into production in 1896. The square tail is designed to allow more area for the soundboard and theoretically a better tone. It also reduced the number of bridges from three to two. The Steinway Model A3 went into production in 1913 and is slightly longer than your regular Steinway Model A with a length of 6’ 4 ½”. It has a squared off tail as well and two bridges.

The Steinway Model A baby grand piano is commonly refurbished and a post-1913 Steinway Model A piano restored by a reputable and reliable Steinway restorer like Park Avenue Pianos can be one of the most acoustically and aesthetically pleasing Steinways to own.

Why an A?

The Steinway Model A is perhaps the best Steinway to own as the soundboard is large enough- over six feet –to allow a full tonal range but does not reach the length and cumbersome size of the Steinway Model D with a soundboard of over eight feet. The Model D is an amazing and unparalleled instrument but suitable for only the largest of concert halls and performance spaces. Many of the world’s great musicians choose to perform on Steinway Model As when they are in smaller spaces or if they have a particular Model A they enjoy playing.

The Steinway Model A is an imporant and popular piano and as such is in great demand. You can expect to receive top dollar if you are selling your Steinway Model A and if you are looking for a used Steinway Model A piano you are not alone so it is important to consult a New York Steinway dealer like Park Avenue Pianos when you are in the market for a Steinway Model A baby grand piano.

Steinway Model A Dimensions

The Steinway model A is 6' 2" in length and 5' in width (fits comfortably in most living rooms).


Height: 40" (102 cm)
Length: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Width: 57 3/4" (147 cm)
Net Weight: 695 pounds (315 kg)



Furniture: Ebonized or Crown Jewel Collection veneer.
Panel Stock: Quarter-sawn poplar corewood crossbanded and face veneered.
Solids: Ebonized birch or maple
Legs: Ebonized beech. Locking devices.
Finish: Heavy full-bodied black or clear polyester (Hamburg); hand-rubbed lacquer (U.S.)
Hardware: Solid brass; polished & lacquered.